Is Your Bathroom Kid-Friendly & Safe?

Is your bathroom safe for the littles? Far too many people fail to consider the potential dangers that exist in the bathroom for small children. Don’t include yourself in the group and learn a difficult lesson after your child is inured. Perhaps it’s time to consider bathroom remodeling in Sarasota FL to ensure your bathroom is ready for little ones. Remodeling the bathroom is fun and certainly keeps everyone comfortable, happy, and safe.

Bathroom Improvements Keep Kids Safe

Bathroom dangers include bathtubs, toilets, and sinks, but there’s also the worry of the dangers we often forget, such as nails sticking out of the wall, loose tiles, and other such problems. Take a look around your bathroom, looking for all signs of danger. Kids are curious by nature and anything odd certainly sticks out to them like a sore thumb.

A few tips to keep the littles safe:

·    Install safety devices on the toilet that prevent kids from reaching or climbing into toilets.

·    Set the hot water heater to a temperature of 120 degrees to prevent burns and injuries.

·    Never leave children unattended in the bathroom. It takes a split second for serious injuries to occur.

·    The bathroom isn’t the best place to store medications or cleaning supplies. Remove them from the bathroom to keep curious hands away.

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·    Teach kids bathroom safety.

A New Bathroom Awaits

Call a professional if you’d like a consultation concerning a remodel that’s more kid-friendly and fun, as well as safe for the whole family. Endless ideas for bathroom remodeling make it easy to create the perfect look no matter what your style or budget.  This remodel is just what you need. Using a few simple precautions keeps kids of all ages safe, as well as the adults who love them.